When will you bring your child back since we are now allowed to open?

Reopening Survey

Will you bring your child back to the Lady Buxton Centre (aka Buxton) since we are allowed to reopen?

Covid-19 has:

I will:

I acknowledge being informed (17 June 2020) that a levy of R200 per family per month has been introduced by the Buxton Financial Committee.

The Buxton staff will be collected from their homes by private transport. This will affect our starting time. Please select the most suitable starting time for your child?

Based on the private transport available for staff. What time will suit you to collect your child at the end of the day?

The NGO, Life Choices, presented a Covid-19 workshop focusing on workplace safety and sanitation with the Buxton staff. Furthermore, staff have also started with topics from the WCED and DSD guidelines. Would you be interested and have the resources for a future Zoom session with a similar NGO?

In which class is your child enrolled?

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Re. Reopening Safety & Sanitation Plan (ref. click here to see our progress)

Re. Levy Acknowldegement Information – view details here

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